Guide for Home Buyers

Assisting clients with property acquisition process, and providing advice on where and how best to invest funds when buying properties is an extremely important part of the work I do, and something I never take lightly. Property purchases are often our biggest one-time investments, and each step needs to be taken with careful planning, background research, and careful examining of short-term and long-term goals.

The acquisition process can be draining and time-consuming if the background research and planning is not done prior to commencing with the property search. When working with clients on a new project, we initiate the process with a careful examination of the goal, objectives, priorities, and timelines. Once the plan is built, we test the set priorities by viewing several properties that meet criteria, and once the parameters have been tried and confirmed, we embark on a focused and efficient search for the best property at the best value within the set parameters.

Buyers’ remorse is a fairly common occurrence that follows a new property purchase, especially in a market that is always a moving target, and it constantly seems inflated. In order to avoid the post-purchase blues, we invest in time and analysis before the purchase process starts, and our documented plan and following journey follows the decision-making logic. This is something that my clients can always rely on to understand how decision-making process evolves or if it needs to be further tweaked.

Buying with a REALTOR®

Whether you’re a real estate investor or a personal home buyer, it’s important to have a professional on-hand who has expert knowledge about the market. We are very familiar with the area, and are eager to help you find a property that’s in your price range, your preferred location, and that meets the needs of you and your family.

In addition to helping you secure financing and investigating nearby neighborhoods, we’ll take you on property tours, pointing out the upsides and downsides of each one so you can consider all the facts before making a decision to buy. When ready, we will draft a purchase offer that takes into account any contingencies you require. We’ll also perform a comparative market analysis to determine an appropriate offer price, and negotiate the terms of the offer on your behalf.

After your offer has been accepted, we’ll put you in touch with industry professionals that can make your purchase easier. From financing to building inspectors, we’ll be happy to connect you with reputable professionals in the field.

The best part is that Buyers’ agents are typically paid by the seller, so our services won’t cost you a dime!

The Buying Process

The seven-phase buying process that I follow when working with clients consists of:

  1. Initial planning
  2. Market Research
  3. Property search
  4. Analysis of Comparables
  5. Offer phase
  6. Subject phase
  7. Review and Feedback.

A researcher by background, I greatly value the power of information, informed decision-making, and carefully designed processes that support my clients in their purchasing journey.

To receive more information on how process-informed decision-making has led my clients to make right purchases for them, feel free to reach out.

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